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Mike Pigott, Director of Sites and Operations at Nuclear Waste Services

Mike is Director of Waste Operations and Sites at Nuclear Waste Services (formerly Low Level Waste Repository or LLWR), responsible for operating the LLW Repository nuclear licensed site safely and securely.

He brings over 25 years’ global experience across high-hazard and highly-regulated industries, including oil & gas exploration in Argentina, Falklands Islands, Brasil and the Gulf of Mexico; rail infrastructure survey and asset management across the UK; and nuclear across the UK, France and Japan.

Mike has proven experience across nuclear new-build, operational reactor sites, defueling and decommissioning sites, nuclear reprocessing facilities, and nuclear waste management and disposal. During this time he has worked across the full depth of the nuclear industry as nuclear safety regulator, nuclear site licensee, GDA Requesting Party, Site Licence Applicant, and advisory consultant.

Mike is a champion for inclusivity, resilience and sustainability. He is also an active mountain-sports participant.

How the Low Level Waste Repository in Cumbria is shaping the future of nuclear waste management

Over the last six decades, Mike Pigott and his team, and their predecessors, have been successfully managing the disposal of low-level radioactive waste at the Low Level Waste Repository in Cumbria. With 65 years of experience in safe radioactive waste …