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Creating a clean and safe environment for future generations – our manifesto for Sellafield

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When I took over as Chief Executive of Sellafield Ltd earlier this year, leading our response to a global pandemic wasn’t part of my plan.

But, as is often the way, it was during this time of challenge that I learned the most. I learned what our employees and supply chain partners are capable of.

That their commitment to our mission, to each other and to our communities is unwavering.

Our teams developed detailed risk assessments to ensure our workplaces are safe now and in the event of an increase in the COVID-19 infection rate, and they safely brought all of our projects and nuclear operations back on line.

They delivered care packages to their neighbours and volunteered in their communities.

And, behind the scenes, they helped me to develop our manifesto for Sellafield.

Full manifesto image with textWorking towards a clear purpose

Our manifesto sets out the organisation that we want to be. The behaviours we want to see. And the clear purpose that we are all working towards.

We are creating a clean and safe environment for future generations.

Our manifesto also reminds us that we are all nuclear professionals.

Regardless of our role or location, we are all here to create a clean and safe environment for future generations.

In the words of our employees

I say ‘we’ confidently, because this isn’t my manifesto. It was co-created with more than 400 of our employees from across our business.

Those employees span our locations, our types of work and our pay grades.

The result – our manifesto – is their words.

They helped to define how we describe our purpose.

Perhaps even more importantly, they helped us to define our behaviours, because how we behave sets our standards.

This is the expectation we now all have of each other:

  • We value each other
  • We are one team
  • We make a difference
  • We are kind and respectful
  • We perform with passion, pride and pace
  • We re clear on what we are here to do
  • We care about our community and environment
  • We trust and hold to account
  • We appreciate and celebrate achievements

Each part of our manifesto is owned by a member of the executive team, but it belongs to us all. This is our manifesto.

Giving us focus as we move towards a new normal

None of this is new, but it has never been more important.

This year all of us have changed how we work. COVID-19 has not gone away, and we will continue to change and to adapt, creating our new normal ways of working.

I believe that our manifesto is an opportunity to provide clarity – a due north – that can help us all as we navigate short term challenges and make progress on our long-term mission.

I invite you all, whether you are an employee, a supply chain partner, regulator, or any stakeholder invested in Sellafield, to engage with our manifesto, to join us as we become the organisation we know we can be, to highlight where you see positive improvement and to hold us to account if we fall short.

Change takes time, but together we can succeed.

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