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International activities

Building an international nuclear family

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Tokyo University students visit one of Sellafield's legacy facilities

Our mission is part of an international effort to deal with the legacy from the earliest days of the nuclear industry, so working with other countries is essential in sharing vital knowledge that helps us all reach our shared goal. The NDA’s Head of International Relations, John Mathieson, explains how bilateral agreements and visits from overseas experts, as well as exchange visits, support this global drive.

Warm welcome to robots taking the heat out of world’s decommissioning challenges

NASA's Valkyrie robot is currently being trialled

NDA Technical Assurance Manager Darrell Morris joined international counterparts at WM Symposia 2018 to embrace the growing opportunities for using robots in nuclear decommissioning, and for adapting robotic technologies from other industries.

Paratoi’r achos ar gyfer diogelwch Cyfleuster Gwaredu Daearegol

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O fewn RWM mae yna is-grwpiau a thimau gwahanol. Dwi’n ffisegydd siartredig, a fy ngwaith i yw dangos na fydd Cyfleuster Gwaredu Daearegol (GDF) yn achosi niwed i bobl na'r amgylchedd. Mae gwaredu daearegol yn cynnwys ynysu a gosod gwastraff ymbelydrol mewn daeargelloedd a thwneli, yn ddwfn o dan ddaear, rhwng 200m a 1000m o dan yr wyneb. Mae hyn yn atal ymbelydredd rhag cyrraedd yr wyneb mewn lefelau a allai achosi niwed. Caiff gwastraff ymbelydrol solet ei becynnu mewn cynwysyddion diogel sydd wedi’u peiriannu, a wneir fel arfer o fetel neu goncrid, a'u gosod mewn ffurfiant creigiau sefydlog, gyda'r cynwysyddion wedi'u hamgylchynu gan glai neu sment. Gelwir hyn yn ddull aml-rwystr.

Making a case for the safety of a Geological Disposal Facility

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Lucy Bailey is a chartered physicist working for Radioactive Waste Management, and it’s her job to show that a Geological Disposal Facility (GDF) will not cause any harm to people or the environment. Geological disposal involves isolating and containing radioactive waste in sealed vaults and tunnels deep underground, between 200 m and 1000 m below the surface. This prevents radioactivity from ever reaching the surface in levels that could cause harm.